we offer phone and video consultation services.

Our Services



Not sure where to begin? We offer consultation services at an affordable hourly rate. We can help you with all aspects of creating your own archive, such as:

  • Deciding what to include
  • Choosing the best preservation approach
  • Scanning and digitization
  • Sharing your archive
  • Legacy planning
  • Starting a DIY project
  • Other questions or concerns

Full-Service Processing

Don't have time to do it yourself? Let us manage your project. We'll sort, inventory, organize, and preserve your family documents, photographs, and memorabilia. As part of this, we'll assess the condition of items and select the best supplies, within your budget, to preserve them. We'll also create a useful and attractive guide to describe how your archive is organized.

Digital Archiving

Interested in sharing your memories with others? We'll work with you to create a digital archive that you can share with family and friends. We provide document and photograph scanning services as well as assistance with organizing and preserving materials that are already in digital formats.

Organizing Genealogy Research

Got genealogy research you need help organizing? Whether you have decades of research or you're just starting out, we'll work with you to set up an organization system - paper, electronic, or combined - that works for you.

Historical and Genealogical Research

Looking to provide more context to your family archive? We are experienced family historians who can help you research individuals, families, and historical events. We'll provide you a report of findings that includes detailed references and citations.